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Ingenuity has been in our DNA from the start: The Vileda plant in Weinheim, Germany, started out as a tannery. Thanks to the high quality of leather goods produced there, the tannery quickly expanded to become one of Europe's largest.

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However, the real success story was still to come: employees noticed cleaners using textile leftovers of on-site production to mop up. It was this seemingly small observation that lead to the introduction of the first breakthrough product in a long line of innovations: the Vileda window cloth. 

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For us this heritage more than an anecdote. It exemplifies our approach to innovation. We look beyond standard procedures and truly understand what works best for our customers. To this day our brand name reminds us of this heritage and challenges us to uphold our ingenuity: "Vileda" derives from the German “wie Leder” or "like leather". 
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